A lot of us think of finding a higher purpose of our lives but not even a small coterie is able to do what they desire. Sometimes opportunities play a hide and seek game and don’t let us fulfil what we seek. Though we all will have a different passion I’m here to talk about ‘Carobese or Caromaniac or Carophile’ – whatever you’d like to use!

If you’re obsessed with cars, then we have a golden opportunity just for you! With Feynlab Franchise, you could be your own boss. With a surge in the automobile industry, India has become a mammoth market for the car-sellers. But the fact doesn’t end here. Instead, it begins at the moment! With narrow streets and stocks of cars on the road, we all have faced scratches and abrades for which there aren’t perfect solutions, until now.

Why FeynLab?

FEYNLAB® hand applied Self-Healing Technology is a perfect solution to scratches and abrades your car might have suffered from on the streets. We’re into the world of automotive, marine, and aerospace applications manufacturing and nanotechnology development where we imply science for easing and fighting with everyday problems for which our highly trained scientist work hard to make it happen.

Benefits of owning Feynlab Franchise –

  • An Investment of 30-50 lakhs is what you need to put to acquire the license.
  • Even if you aren’t a guy who has prior experience in running a Franchise, we will make sure that you get the proper support at your initial stage.
  • Payback: 18-24 months – Whatever you invest at the initial stage, you’ll be able to accumulate the same within 18-24 months post which whatever you get will go to your pockets.
  • Training – We understand that you’d require our help in understanding the process and how to use our products. Nothing to worry here as we will always be there to help you in any manner we can.
  • Support in Marketing – Not only Training support but we will also make sure that you receive help in marketing your own business.
  • A warranty of 5 years – We’re the only one in the market to provide a 5-year warranty for ceramic coating.

Our Products –

What’re Your Thoughts?

Ready to be your own boss? Calling all ‘Carophiles’! I’m Feynlab and I send this message to anyone who seeks to turn their obsession into a passion. We are here. We are waiting!