The young car with dashing looks has arrived

The phenomenon to look good and attractive is part of human psychology, looks does matter in all walks of life. While good looks always matter for both men and women, they also want their possessions to look good either – good looking products are definitely a matter of high consideration for both men and women. When it comes to men, they are always skeptical about few possessions, especially their priceless possessions like luxury cars. Everything related to the luxury cars matter seriously – the shining coat on the surface of the car, interiors, the fragrance inside the car, the leather upholsteries, and the mac wheels etc. The mindset to look good is fast gaining consideration among young men; they want their entire paraphernalia of possessions to look extremely good and attractive. The possession of luxury cars and its precise maintenance is at the top of their list, while luxury cars need a specialized kind of treatment and maintenance. Fast and good looking cars which paint the town red need utmost attention and clinical care; there shouldn’t be any apprehensions or doubts in providing them with necessary and required care, plenty of options prevail in the market, choosing the right one becomes all the more difficult and confusing. While there are many methods to maintain your priceless and precious car; one immediate thing should be to regularly use ‘Ceramic Technology’ with Nano coating technology. Over a period of time the ceramic coating would simmer into your car and make it look young, attractive and dashing grabbing all the attention and eye-balls. The time to paint the town red has just arrived for you and your car.

The positives of Nano coating ‘Ceramic Technology’ and the negatives of Teflon coating

Post washing the car with water or other regular methods, it is time to apply ceramic coating or Teflon coating basis your preferences. While ceramic coating is quite simple and un-complicated in its applications and pliability unlike your Teflon coating.  Teflon coating solution or a Nano-ceramic coating solution delves a little deeper into technicalities; Teflon is a fluoropolymer which has a base of synthetic wax that brings in rigidity in its applications, application of wax is an outdated process and technology.

Ceramic coating, on the other hand, is a clear coat, which uses Carborundum, one of the hardest materials in existence, in its manufacturing. When applied, the ceramic coat forms a chemical bond with the layer of paint on the car. The coat sits still on the surface of the car and is extremely helpful in its application and pliability. Once there is a forming of a clear coating on the surface of the car which is resistant to chemical etching and is hydrophobic as well. In very simpler terms, the layer provides a solid protection from rust.

While Teflon coating seems to be a more affordable solution, the quality and its durability is not up to the mark, the paint loses its sheen and shine within six months. The process of re-coating should be initiated again whereas ceramic coating on the other hand might seem a bit more on the cost side but its durability is and quality is unquestionable, the sheen and shine of the coating remains intact for a longer period. Hence opting for ceramic coating is a smarter option than Teflon coating.

Feynlabs – Pioneering the Ceramic Technology

The simplicity and ease of applying self-healing series of coatings are no-doubt the most advanced, innovative and impressive methods in paint application and protection of cars. The self-healing series of coatings is our innovative and signature technology that thoroughly differentiates us from the rest of the market and competition across the globe and in India.

Our scientific approach with a strong commitment will relentlessly continue, our lab based research and development approach with extensive real world testing will continue to perfect products and deliver greater quality and experience to our customers.