Too many cars! Isn’t it. Yes, there have been too many cars in the town. With car manufacturing companies upping their ante towards producing and marketing a greater number of cars every year, the users have gigantically grown. With so many, cars around, an informal and casual attitude has seethed over the maintenance of the cars. Cars are being parked haphazardly without any sense of discipline or because there is only very little space left in the city for parking cars, which is inevitably making the owners park in an unruly manner, the cars are invariably rendered damaged in this process. This casual habit of the car owners has externally injured many cars, denting the car’s body with scratches and bumps. The car owners invariably thwart on their damaged cars, they consult the car dealer or the local mechanic over the issue and are most often taken for granted. The car dealer or the local mechanic would exorbitantly charge for repainting the car on the damaged portions. Most car owners experience the same and many just leave it aside, they simply continue driving their scratched car without any hitch. The scratches on the cars could be totally averted if people are aware of self-heal solutions and technology. As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’, the scratches can be totally avoided by applying self-heal solution for the new car. Post buying the car, the owner must ensure himself and his car that the self-heal solution is applied, the solution provides complete protection from scratches, the external damages and scratches don’t happen on the car because of the self-heal application and its total protection. In case of non-application of the solution and if the car is rendered with scratches the solution could again be applied for eradicating the scratches. Then again, the immediate question that comes to the mind is – How simple could the solution be?

Is there any simple solution?

Yes, very much, there is a very simple solution to restore the past glory and look of the scratched car without seriously contemplating the cost. The method is a cost-effective one with very negligible costs when compared to servicing with the car dealer or the local mechanic. And most importantly, the duration of the entire process is far too minimal while compared with the car dealer or the local mechanic. The product is a great boon to all the car owners, it is a product that every car owner would eagerly lap up to. The product is developed basis a self-heal technology, it could be easily applied with a very simple application through the bare hands, it is eco-friendly, ultra-durable, extremely hydrophobic and has excellent UV protection. It’s difficult to even imagine that a solution of this kind exists. But fortunately, an easy and simple solution of this kind does exist.

The method of application is as simple as washing the car

While most people who own cars wash the car themselves with great pride and obsession. It is quite a common phenomenon that could be normally seen on every road of Bangalore city, especially during the weekends wherein people would be washing their cars with great involvement. As known, washing cars has become a very simple activity for people. Similarly, the application of self-heal solution for scratched cars is that simple, the solution is totally safe and eco-friendly, doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals at all, ultra-durable, extremely hydrophobic and possess excellent UV protection.

Feynlab’s revolutionary solution for car scratches and damages

Feynlab has extensively researched on the above subject and the technical team has heavily invested their time, energy and expertise towards developing a feasible solution for treating the damaged and scratched cars.

FEYNLAB™ HEAL LITE is a single-component, single-step coating with roughly 60% healing ability compared to FEYNLAB™ HEAL PLUS. This product is extremely easy to apply than most Ceramic coatings. HEAL LITE is ultra-durable, extremely hydrophobic and gives an excellent UV protection.

The technological process behind the manufacturing, it’s simplistic application and delivering extraordinary results is because the product is developed with due consideration and focus on the dark coloured vehicles, where swirl marks and “spider web” scratches are more visible. Micro-swirls inevitably happen on darker coloured cars, no matter how careful the owner might be. The solution for all these problems and issues is a very simple, easy and effective one.